Diya Ojo Music.

 Exchanging Vision for a Mission


Performance for any occasion within London..........(UK)
Small Hall up 300 guests from...£ 1,500.00
Big Hall up to 800 guests from...£2,000.00

Performance for any occasion outside London...(UK)
Small Hall up to 300 guests; from £2,000.00

Big Hall up to 800 guests; from £2,500.00



50% of the Charges must be paid up-front to secure the date.

The balance must be paid cash or bank transfer a week before the

date of the event, if by cheque it must be 2weeks before the occasion

In case of cancellation, our client must notify us at least two  months 

before the event.

“Deposit paid is none refundable and none transferable”.

If paid in full, half of the payment will be refunded.

Considerably if another Client makes up with your date, the full payment 

will be refunded.

40% of the full payment will be deducted to cover our administrative cost,

lost of earnings and any inconvenience this may have cost us.

The money paid will cover up to 6 hours, after which you may be asked to pay extra charge of £ 150.00 an hour.

We are live music performers, our duty is to entertain and cater for our customer’s musical needs, other right remains our intellectual property and

fully protected. 

You must supply us the information and the location of your event 

immediately after the booking. i.e. the Invitation card, full details of the celebrant, the names of your important guests to be recognised

during the performances.

The afternoon Show starts from 16.00hr to 22.00hr.or 17.00hr to 23.00hr...etc.

Our earlier arrival is negotiable.

Late night show starts from 22.00hr. Our earlier arrival is negotiable.

You reserve the right to ask us to supply you any song but in Ensemble.

[Within our style & culture]

We reserve the right to cancel the date if we are not fully satisfied with the negotiation.

Thanks for your patronage and we promise to give you satisfactory services. e-mail: