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Mosunmola Diya Ojo celeberated her 40th

on the 30th Nov. 2012 at Enabling Centre

A Great Nigerian Wife, Mother, Educationist Mrs Sheila Solarin
is gone. A woman of substance who followed her husband where
ever he wanted to go. She met Tai during World War Two and came
to live in Nigeria with him. ... She shunned all the comforts of the
Western world to come and live in our simple environment
In 1956, she helped him set up Mayflower School because all
the other schools around were missionary ones that insisted you
must convert to Christianity to attend They did all this with nothing.
Their first two classrooms were build with clay
As their school expanded, they had bunk beds at the back
of the classroom with desks at the front
What a lot of people do not know is that after the Nigerian civil war,
Tai and Sheila opened up Mayflower to all Igbo children who had
missed out on education during the crisis I hope Ohaneze Ndigbo
has a huge role at her funeral, as she was a real mother of the
biafran children who traveled from far to come and stay with her.
The legacy of the Solarin's introduced secular education into Nigeria
and debunked the myth that learning had anything to do with religion.

Wumi Eleji oke named her new born baby